Interpreting Service

Interpreting is the activity of the oral and instantly translations of what someone said in another language, thus being possible the understanding between two or more people.

Interpreting may be consecutive or simultaneous.

Consecutive interpreting consists in oral translation for a person or group of persons of documents or other information transmitted in another language by a person.

Consecutive interpreting is used in the activities of notary offices for statements, power of attorney, contracts, at civil registry office in case of marriage, business meetings, tourists visiting in the city etc.

Simultaneous interpreting consists in oral and simultaneous translation of information spoken by a person in another language. This interpretation is used at conferences, seminars, presentations. BPT EUROPE translations agency offers interpreting services for notary office, civil registry office, business meetings and other events.

Interpreting services provided by our translation agency are for the following foreign languages: English, Spanish, French, Croatian, Turkish, Russian, German, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Chinese.

In order to contract our interpreting services call us at 0729849823, use the contact form, or came to our offices in :

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Types of documents which we have translated:

Read about the wide range of documents we can translate.

Translations of civil registry documents

Translations of civil registry documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, name change certificate, certificate of celibacy, ID card, passport, translation of documents for Romanian citizenship.


Translations of study documents

Translations of study documents: school diploma, high school/high school diploma, college, institute, university, master, PH.D, academic record, study certificate, certificate of completion, etc


Translations of car documents

Translations of car documents: patent, vehicle registration certificate, high and low car brief, RCA car insurance, Casco insurance.


Financial/banking translations

Financial/banking translations: bank statement, balance or balance sheet, financial or accounting report, audit or accounting expertise, financing project, business plan, contracts with the bank or financial institution, bank letter, bank creditworthiness letter.


Legal translations

Legal translations: notarial acts and documents, power of attorney, court reports, court decisions, agreement of confidentiality, depositions, service contract, leasing, sale-purchase, loan, consent, contract of sale, contract of association, labor contract agreement, mandate, statements, articles of incorporation, statutes, court decision for incorporation, Company Shareholders' General Decision, statements, decisions, Trade Registry certificate, certificate of registration in the Community Register.


Technical Translation

Technical Translation: construction, physics, oil and gas industries, energy, food, automotive, engineering, telecommunications, internet, chemistry, science, fashion, luxury goods, accessories, insurance, tourism, tender book, public tender docuemnts and statements, user manuals, equipment, machinery, product description, warranty certificate, instruction manual/technical specifications for machinery, description of the technological process of manufacture or production, contracts with technical terms, catalogs and advertising materials with technical descriptions, ISO certificates and documents for quality management.


Medical, Pharmaceutical and Insurance Translations

Medical, Pharmaceutical and Insurance Translations: medical insurance, health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, medical tests, medical documents, medical records, medical certicicate, medical certificate, NMR, CT, PET/CT report, radiography, ultrasound, medical letter, medical records, hospital discharge ticket, hospitalization, medical prescription, patient information leaflet; user guide and brochure for medical equipment, packaging, questionnaire; clinical study, pharmacological, biological, instruction manual, user manual and medical device products; specialty documents and glossary of medical terms.


Marketing, PR, Websites translations

Marketing, PR, Websites translations: websites, product or service presentation, flyers, brochures, catalogs, internal and external communication within a company, translate articles and news releases, publications, newsletters.


Before requesting translation of documents, make sure that:
  • The information mentioned in the document corresponds to the reality, especially in the court decisions, where appear the most transcription errors.
  • The translator must translate the name/surname as they appear in the original act.
  • The documents have all the necessary endorsements, respectively the Endorsement of Line Ministry (ex.: for medical certificates – Ministry of Health and Family) and the endorsement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Apostille). Some countries (especially Italy and Spain) expressly require these endorsements in order to demonstrate the originality of the act.
  • The civil registry documents are for international use – the old ones are not recognized abroad. The certifications for international use are obtained from the civil registry where was issued the old certificate.
  • The documents are legible, readable and contain no erasures or alterations. In this case, alterations or erasures must be endorsed/signed by the authority which issued the document.
  • For translations from Russian, Greek or Hebrew you should have a photocopy of the holder’s passport or another act where his name appears in roman characters.
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