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Certified Translations, Authorized Translations,Interpreting,Apostillation

BPT EUROPE is a translation agency with headquarters in Bucharest, which addresses to naturals and legal persons, law firms, notaries, public institutions, multinational companies and non-profit organizations that need translation services.

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Our aim is to provide to each client certified and authorized translations in high conditions of quality, timely delivery and competitive prices. All of them, but without compromising the quality.
We strive to achieve excellence in every service we offer and every day we work to become leaders on the European market.

Certified translations

Represents the attestation by a public notary, the authenticity of a translation with the original.

Authorised Translations

Is a transaltion made by an authorized translator by Minstry of Justice, wich contains the certification formula, the signature and the stamp of the translator and the document complies with certain conditions as required by legislation in force.


Is the activity of the oral and instantly translations of what someone said in another language, thus being possible the understanding between two or more people.


The apostille certification guarantees the recognition of an official document issued by a state institution in any of the other States signatory to the Hague Convention, without other requirements.

Endorsement of original document at Line Ministry

Recognition of diplomas/certificates of graduation

The customer's benefits who receives our services are:



Short-term translations without emergency fees

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Authorised translator

Your translations will be done by an authorized translator by the Ministry of Justice, with minimum 5 years experience in this field

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Preferential rates and priority for loyal customers

Preferential rates and priority in solving the projects of loyal customers

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We respect the confidentiality of projects

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Personalised services

Each client receives personalized services.

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Free consulting

Free consulting for authorized translations, certified translations and for the apostillation of the document

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No extra fees

No extra fee for the second copy of the translation.

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Strict deadlines

Strict compliance of the translation's deadline.

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Flexibility and corectly informing of each client

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Great quality price ratio

And last but not least, we focus all our attention and efforts in order to thank every customer, without compromising the quality and compliance with legal and ethical provisions applicable in this field.

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